Our Story

Helping protect Colorado animals

In 2010, the Colorado Humane Society (CHS) became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dumb Friends League after the Colorado Attorney General’s office removed the Colorado Humane Society’s previous leadership due to allegations of fraud. CHS’s state-commissioned animal-protection agents are authorized by the Colorado Agricultural Commission to enforce the Animal Protection Act as it applies to horses not used in the production of food or fiber, as well as to cats, dogs and select other small mammals.

CHS agents travel to 39 counties throughout Colorado, working with law enforcement officials to rescue vulnerable animals and investigate, prosecute and monitor cases of animal mistreatment and neglect. Beyond investigations work, however, a key part of CHS activity involves educational outreach. Outreach may include consulting with owners to help them make difficult decisions about finding new homes for their animals, or finding new ways to maintain the health and vitality of animals in their care.

While this work can be tedious and time-consuming, it often prevents dangerous situations from escalating and pays dividends in terms of reducing animal suffering.

CHS is an independent, Colorado-based nonprofit organization not funded or managed by national advocacy groups or government agencies.

Our Mission

  • To prevent cruelty and neglect of animals within the state of Colorado and elsewhere;
  • To counsel, aid and cooperate with other persons and agencies in the enforcement of laws relating to cruelty and neglect of animals within the state of Colorado and elsewhere;
  • To educate the public on animal welfare issues by the dissemination of literature, by the use of media, and otherwise within the state of Colorado and elsewhere;
  • To serve as advocates for the humane treatment of animals through the support of animal-friendly legislation within the state of Colorado and elsewhere; and,
  • To serve as a resource center for all individuals and groups interested in the prevention of cruelty and neglect of all animals within the state of Colorado and elsewhere.

Board of Directors

Kathy Ashenfelter, Treasurer
Chad Day
Mark Frasier
Dr. Kayla Henderson
Bud Jeffress, President
Marty May, Chair
Jayme Nielson, Secretary
Tiffanie Stasiak
Dr. Apryl Steele
Tammeron Trujillo

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